Finally Lace Up & Love Running Again!

From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Fustrated Runner's Guide to Lacing Up For a Lifetime. 

If running efforlessly is your deam, then you're in the right place. We all know that running is a great way to stay in shape, get some "me" time, and clear your mind. But what happens when you've taken a hiatus for some reason and getting back into running is way harder than you remembered? 

Have you found yourself frustrated and feeling like a failure because you've been stuck in a start and stop running cycle that you just can't shake? 

Being on the sidelines takes it's toll physically, mentally and emotionally. Breaking the yo-yo cycle will help you achieve not only your fitness goals, but privide you with freedom, inner peace and improved self-confidence. Running is so much more than just "exerise!" I get it!!! And wrote this book to help you get back out there and feel good about it!!!!

If you're ready to reclaim your running habits and learn:

  • What has really been keeping you stuck and how to change it
  • Tried and true ways to get back into a consistent practice you love
  • The 4 Pillars of a sustainable running practice that will last a lifetime 

Join the hundeds of others who have read this book and used it to their benefit. Now is the time to say yes to you and take charge of your health and happiness. If running effortlessly again is your dream, and you're ready to break through your barriers, click below for your free copy.

Transform Your Relationship With Running

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Reap the Benefits You're looking for From Running

From Sidelines to Start Lines fully expains why you've been stuck and why it is not your fault. You will release any and all guilt and shame you've been holding onto that has kept you from lacing up your sneakers. Once you're off the sidelines and back up and running you can expect:

  • To reap the therapeutic qualities of running (clear your head, solve the world's poblems)
  • To view each of your runs as an experience to treasure without any guilt for taking the time to do it
  • To feel proud of your commiment and enrgized from taking action in a way that fits your life
  • To experience fulfillent in other areas of your life because you have taken charge of your health and happiness

About the Author, Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson, M.S., M.Ed. is a certified educator, distance running coach through RRCA, and Chi Walking/Chi Running® Instructor certified through Chi Living. She is also the best selling author of From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner's Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime. In addition, she is an outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, and Racecation facilitator. Her business, Rise And Shine, designs customized training programs that provide both the external components vital to running efficiently and safely and the internal components that address the emotional and internal roadblocks that have trapped frustrated runners in yo-yo training cycles. 

Sarah knows that running brings joy to life, and knows the hard work it takes to get back into the sport. After a four-year hiatus from running due to an injury, she found herself frustrated and fed up at her inconsistency and lack of commitment to the sport. Using her techniques, Sarah is now back in her groove and running multiple distance races per year in different places around the world.

Sarah has made it her life’s work to help struggling and burnt out runners find the daily discipline to take back their power and honor their runner within. Sarah lives and trains in Vermont, and is happily married to her husband Mike.

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Words of Wisdom!

In my busy life running can often seem like such a chore and fall to the end of my to-do list. This book really gave me some practical tools and tricks to get me back out there. I'd love for it to feel easy and fun again, and this book is the ticket!


Amazing Advice.

I've been wanting to start running again for a while and it just seemed so much harder than I remember. This book put it all into perspective for me and now I know what's been holding me back and better yet, how to move forward. So glad I came across it!


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